Tularosa, “Casa De Suenos” and more… NM

Of course I love good food. Loved it so much when I was young that I made a profession out of cooking. Three years of Culinary School in Switzerland got me started for sure! Of course having a home now in Alamogordo, New Mexico, I am back to being spoiled with a real oven, refrigeration and counter space. Gone are the years living in a tent without a refrigerator which actually is overrated. There is nothing worse than bad food! Does not have to be fancy, just good. So I continue cooking a lot while staying away from processed food or frozen, salt or sugar. By trial and errors, through others verbally or reviews, I however once in a while stumble on good and tasty food at a Restaurant and when I do, if I can, I go back again and again. Trust is a huge aspect in eating out. I trust “Casa De Suenos” which is about 20 miles from us in Tularosa. Same with Loredo’s Mexican Bakery about another half a miles down the road. Great Tamales [green and red] over the weekend even though one needs to get there early to not miss out.
I needed a new runner in our hallway, and again in Tularosa, “Del Dol” was the place to go with too much of a choice I must say!

Plenty of parking even for big and long rigs.

I have been eating at “Casa De Suenos” for over ten years now. How did that happened since we never lived in New Mexico? As we always “flew” through this State, someone bragged to me about their “beer battered deep fried avocados” and “white chocolate bread pudding”! That is all I needed to hear and it has been a custom twice a year, while going North and South, to stop. What a coincidence today. They are barely 20 miles from us.

Casa De Suenos
Casa De Suenos













Casa De Suenos
Casa De Suenos













Tasty, not just warm, in house made Salsas and chips.
The incredible “Beer battered deep fried avocados” with a Tartar sauce.
And for Dessert, “White Chocolate Bread Pudding” with Ice Cream and Whipped Cream.















And on to Loredo’s Bakery. Busy weekend!
Tamales on weekends only.
Yes, also Donuts!
The tasty Tamales…
And on to “Del Sol” store.
Del Sol
Del Sol
A new rug… Perfect.
The map.

Stay well, Ara and Spirit




15 thoughts on “Tularosa, “Casa De Suenos” and more… NM”

  1. We will definitely be trying those places out!I am craving some good tamales something fierce and those beer fried avocadoes? OMG! Gotta get me some! Not sure when we’ll be that way but when we do…

  2. Thank you my friend.
    I am happy you and Spirt are settled in.
    Bill Dragoo and I rode thru there early last year on the BDR
    I am sure Denise and I will be thru in 2018 and look forward
    to introducing to Denise and giving you a hug.
    Our love to you and Merry Christmas until our paths cross
    again. Randy.

  3. Love this new site! NM is a beautiful state. TY for sharing it through your eyes. I now camp in a TT with three dogs at age 71. We must adapt. I would love to wander West. Your photos and restaurant reviews are drawing me.
    Merry Christmas, Happy NY!
    Barbara, WV

  4. Yes Sir….
    Following your new site.
    I am in Central Texas now….sure am considering a relocation over into NM.
    Spend my riding time on a 2017 Tenere….after other bikes before.
    Reading over your other site as well.
    Thank You for the real info…!!

  5. I’ve tried the Daily Pie cafe in Pie Town and their pies are great….New Mexico Apple Pie made with green chilis. Have tried the other cafes. Call before driving there because they are seasonal. Oh, on the way stop off at the National Radio Astronomy site on the plains of San Augstin.

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