“Three Rivers Rd”. Many Destinations [Part 2]


Of course, same map while the road goes on for another 15 or so miles. Unpaved for the last seven and very washboardy. [is that a word?]. We arrive at the BLM “Three Rivers Petroglyph” campground. They have modernized it since the last time we were there having even built a new office. Much room available for tenting and campers with hookups. Cell reception also has changed [of course! it is everywhere now] as I was getting [Verizon] 4G 2~3 bars.

Campground Sign
Information sign.
Unfortunate sign for us… That would be “dog” wise.
Warning sign!
A nice touch at the start of the trail which in itself is a loop.
And the cost of being there…

The Trail towards the hill which has the 20,000+ Petroglyphs starts right at the campground, a few feet away from the large restrooms available for use. I now read there are over 21,000 of them. All these Petroglyphs were recorded by the Archaeological Society of New Mexico’s Rock Art Recording Field School. It was an extensive endeavor which took over six years. Masks, Bighorn sheep’s eye, animal tracks, human figures, birds stylized like a thunderbird, much more. The photos are just a few examples.


Three miles down the road, on the left is the fork going towards “Santo Nino” Chapel. “Chapel Rd”.

“Chapel Rd”

This has to be my favorite Chapel ~ Church in the Country. It is dedicated to Children which are no longer with us as I always stopped once a year spending a few hours feeling the closest to my Son Lance who passed away January the 26th will be 14 years. It is always an emotional time filled with smiles and tears, endless memories. What a coincidence that we have a home only 25 miles away.

“Santo Nino” Chapel
“Santo Nino” Chapel
“Santo Nino” Chapel
“Santo Nino” Chapel
I have never met anyone there but someone must be taking care of it. The Children had a Christmas Tree.
Leaving behind my name and date.
A Candle for Lance and one for my Mother.
Some pictures break my Heart.

A few miles further with the signs all along the road is the Lincoln National Forest Campground at the foothills of the White Mountains Wilderness. Every space has its name! Some wildlife worth stopping for and turning off the engine, some domestic life seemingly hungry as all starring at us, the road goes on.

“Three Rivers” Rd
Wildlife on the road.
…and also domestic life!


“Three Rivers Lincoln National Forest” Campground.

It is a very rustic style campground, my favorite style! There are 12 sites all at the base of New Mexico’s tallest mountain. A portion of the campground is designed for group camping. Great quiet place to get away even though cell service is still good [!] at an elevation [around 5000′] much lower than the other campgrounds dispersed throughout the mountains. It is open all year round, picnic tables, some gazebos, drinking water and three vault toilets. There are horse corrals on site. I must say, a really nice campground. A little slow getting there because of the washboard on the unpaved road but what is ever the hurry?

“Three Rivers National Forest” campground.
Motorcycle friendly road and campground.

Well, that is about all for this Journey! Hope you enjoy and some day experience it all yourselves.

Stay well, Ara and Spirit




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