NM Museum of Space, Alamogordo.

Elevator door…

The mission of the Museum is to educate the people of New Mexico, Visitors from other States and all around the World the History, Science and Technology of Space. The Museum stresses the importance and the significant role that the State of New Mexico has played in the development of the US Space Program through collecting, preserving and interpreting significant artifacts relevant to the History of Space.

The Mercury Mission capsule

All is so odd [strange? for lack of better word] when one sees it all in person. This capsule part of the Mercury Missions in the 60’s [!!!] into Space blew me away for its size. Barely fitting a Human Being! Lots of courage and guts [and Glory!] to go up in one of those “things”…


Inside the Mercury Capsule
Mercury capsule
The John P. Stapp Air and Space Park
The Space Park
Space Park
Space Park
Space Park
Inside a capsule? No… Inside the elevator!
Looks familiar?
Space suit

One can spend at least half a day through the indoor exhibitions ranging from Robert Goddard’s early rocket experiments to a mock up of the International Space Station. Such Station which was missing as unfortunately they are right now under renovation.

Skylab toilet
Space suit liners of all sizes
Lunar rocks case
Never knew they brought back so many lbs of rocks!
Cosmonauts are to scale. Again so surprised those capsules are so small.
…and more rockets.

Come by and visit!
Stay well…
Ara and Spirit




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